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Petra Institute was established in 1989 as an independent Christian organisation (registered as Basilea NPC). We work in partnership with global, national and local organisations, helping to bring about attitude changes, and building the capacity of leaders to the benefit of children, families and communities.
We desire all children in Africa and the rest of the world to experience the practical, daily, life-giving love of Jesus.

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We can help you raise awareness about children.


We can assist you on matters regarding children’s spirituality. 


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“I can not but help my own children to have better relationships with God. I now look at Bible stories in a different way.”
“There used to always be a big gap between us and the people that we trained. One of the biggest contributions was that Petra Institute has helped to bridge that gap because the training is relational. This type of training had a tremendous impact on people’s lives – feedback from people who attended, was that the training transformed lives more than ever before.

Testimony of a Ghanaian mentor who trains leaders in Children’s Ministry

“I thank God for allowing me to attend this course. I know that through children God can do great things. Therefore, I mobilised some churches to ask the children to come together as a body of Christ from different denominations. But the same day the rebels planned to come to attack our town and people were fleeing across the border into Cameroon. That day parents came with their children. I told them God could do great things through children.

Gabriel Beinde

“My son is very quiet. In the past, I never asked him how his day was. Now I know HOW!”

“You really encourage us as families!”

“Yes, we would like to support the parents from the congregation and put these tools in their hands, in order to make the families stronger. Then our congregations will be so much stronger and in the end we will empower our communities and our communities will be so much healthier. I would really recommend it to any minister and any congregation to attend and support these courses.”



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