We value more than just financial contributions. Your support can take various forms:


people praying

Join the more than 800 intercessors who carry us through their prayers, without which we would not have attempted to do what we do.



If you are touched by some aspect of our vision and work, you can tell others about the work we do and encourage them to get involved.


small group

Companies and organisations help to keep the wheels rolling through their advice, specialist work, etc. Would you like to be involved?

Your support, in all its forms, is invaluable in helping us create a better world for children and communities. 

Help us create a movement with #FriendsOfPetraInstitute

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Help us create a movement with #FriendsOfPetraInstitute

Please help us create a movement on social media by including the hashtag #FriendsOfPetraInstitute when you post any feedback about Petra Institute’s courses or fundraising campaigns on your own platforms.

This helps us to create ‘virality’ and increases the reach of our social media channels.