Group Size
course fees
  • R6 500 (third-world countries)
  • $780 (first-world countries)
  • Down-payment option available
  • Feb - Nov 2024
  • Ten months (5 - 8 hours per week)
  • Three-holiday breaks


closing date for registrations
15 January 2024
  • Choose between: Relational Children’s Ministry (RFM) for building Godly families through family ministry or Relational Children’s Ministry (RCM) for building Godly children through children’s ministry
  • Adjustable submission calendar
  • No exams or tests
  • Weekly assignment with families or children (can be done via an electronic platform, such as Zoom or Skype, or direct contact sessions)
  • Weekly online feedback with course mentor
  • Four 2-day virtual classes 
A declaration of completion will be awarded on completion of the course. This is a non-accredited course.
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We see the potential of this course to equip churches to reach their families – even online. 

Our Relational Children’s Ministry Course has helped many participants acquire the knowledge, insight and skills needed to become effective children’s ministry workers. It is ideal for those who want to learn how to build relationships with children, lead them into a loving relationship with God and mentor them in spiritual growth.

Even though this is an online course, the format also requires a weekly meeting (29 meetings in total) with a children’s group or family, as part of the assignments.

This approach has proven to be successful with our students, and so, the birth of the Relational Family Ministry (RFM) came about. The feedback has shown us how the families we worked with bonded and grew in their relational skills, appreciation for one another, family values, worship and reading the Bible together. 

This course will create the opportunity for you to take a family by the hand and walk with them for one year.

We offer an option to choose between RCM and RFM upon enrolling for this course.

Enrolments are limited to 40 participants per year.

Who can enrol?

  • Anyone with a love for children and/or families.
  • Family and children’s ministry workers, ministry leaders, teachers, parents, pastors, caregivers, etc.
  • Those who want to learn how to build relationships within families and with children.
  • Those who want to learn how to lead families and children into a loving relationship with God, and mentor them in spiritual growth.

Course subjects


Weekly meeting with family. Student facilitates a family to build relationships with one another and with God.


Weekly meeting with children’s group. Student builds a relationship with children and guide them in building a relationship with God.

What happens

  • Build and deepen relationships, the fun way
  • Learn to really listen to one another
  • Identify family/group values that honour God
  • Learn to handle conflict in a way that honours God
  • Celebrate your differences and value each person
  • Meet God through true praise and worship
  • Meet God in the stories of the Bible
  • Master good Bible reading habits
  • Understand what happens at salvation
  • Learn to share the message of salvation with others


Identical handbooks and assignments


  • Matthew 18:1-35
  • Psalm 78: 1-72


  • Stories
  • Play and games
  • Listening and responding when children talk
  • Keeping safe boundaries
  • Functioning well as a family unit/children’s group
  • Care and share activities


  • Guide children and families in salvation
  • Praise and worship God together
  • Bible stories that change lives
  • Creative Bible reading
  • Read the Bible as a family or on your own
  • Memorise scripture
  • Design a family or children’s meeting programme

Course Coordinator

Carine Steyn
Coordinator: Online Relational Children’s Ministry | Online Relational Family Ministry Courses

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