Entering the World of Families


Children are part of a family, no matter how the family is composed – a single parent and siblings, a grandmother and grandfather, sometimes only siblings. Working with children apart from their families is not enough. Family members should be involved in each other’s faith formation but often do not know how. The focus of this course is to equip families to grow together in their faith.

During the course, families rediscover each other, their uniqueness as a family unit and how God wants to use them to bless each other and their community. The selection of subjects come from the same curriculums as that of “Entering the World of Children” and “Helping Children to Grow in Faith” courses but are now presented in a family context.

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Each training day consists of demonstrations, discussions, and practice, after which you go into the community to apply all you have learned. You will also learn from the community because you learn from experience.



Each training session is designed to meet the needs of the families, using a selection of the available subjects from both the “Entering the World of Children” as well as “Helping Children to Grow in Faith” courses.

  • Option 1: Weekend training
  • Option 2: 5-day training
  • Option 3: 10-day training



Understanding God’s heart for families:

  • Joshua 24:15b: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
  • Psalm 133:1: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

Building relationships through

  • Respecting children
  • Joining children in their world
  • Connecting with them at their level
  • Playing yourself into a child’s heart
  • Storytelling
  • Listen and respond when children talk
  • Music
  • Humour
  • Care and Share activities

Mentor in spiritual growth

  • Creative Bible reading
  • Designing a programme

From the ‘Helping Children Grow in Faith’ Course

  • Building relationships through
  • Boundaries – securing good relationships
  • Group work: understanding groups
  • Mentor in spiritual growth
  • Guiding a child in salvation
  • Praise and worship
  • Bible stories: Discovering the truth through questions
  • Bible stories: Experiencing truth through emotions
  • Bible stories: Challenged by Bible characters
  • Memorizing God’s Word the fun way
  • Teach children to pray
  • Learning through real-life experiences


Offered in

We have partners all over the world. Training is done wherever our partners are. Please contact us for further information.

Course Testimonials

“My son is very quiet. In the past, I never asked him how his day was. Now I know HOW!”

“You really encourage us as families!”

“Yes, we would like to support the parents from the congregation and put these tools in their hands, in order to make the families stronger. Then our congregations will be so much stronger and in the end we will empower our communities and our communities will be so much healthier. I would really recommend it to any minister and any congregation to attend and support these courses.”



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