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About us

Jesus is our Head.
He is the One who gives us a reason to exist. He is our purpose, and foundation,
The Beginning and the End,
The only One,
the Reality.

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Petra Institute is an independent Christian faith organisation in South Africa that strives towards the effective and comprehensive ministering of the love of Jesus to children in Africa and beyond. The organisation was established in 1989 and has been registered as a non-profit company under the name ‘Basilea’, trading as ‘Petra Institute for Children’s Ministry’. The head office is in White River, Mpumalanga, with a branch office in De Doorns, Western Cape, as well as full-time staff in Gauteng and Mwanza, Tanzania.

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We align ourselves with the Lausanne Covenant, a statement of faith that was adopted at the historical meeting in 1974 of church and missions leaders from around the world. This document is widely accepted within churches. For practical reasons we use an abridged version of this rather comprehensive statement. Wherever there might be any question about the context, the reader is conferred to the full text. The abridged version reads as follows: Lausanne Covenant (Condensed)

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Our values underlying our calling and dream

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Our History

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