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Helping children grow in faith

Course description

This course follows the “Entering the World of Children” course. Now that you know how to relate to children, how do you guide children in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ? Get equipped with tools to assist the child in spiritual growth.

Course process

Each training day consists of demonstrations, discussions and practice, after which you go into the community to apply all you have learnt. You also learn from the community, because you learn from experience.

Course duration

This course can be presented as a weekend, 5-day or 10-day training. Each training is designed to meet the needs of the participants, using a selection of the available subjects.

Course subjects

What the Bible says about Children’s Ministry

Building relationships through

Boundaries – securing good relationships
Group work: understanding groups

Mentor in spiritual growth

Guiding a child in salvation
Praise and worship
Bible stories: Discovering the truth through questions
Bible stories: Experiencing truth through emotions
Bible stories: Challenged by Bible characters
Memorizing God’s Word the fun way
Teach children to pray
Learning through real life experiences


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What participants are saying about the course

“I thank God for allowing me to attend this course. I know that through children God can do great things. Therefore, I mobilised some churches to ask the children to come together as a body of Christ from different denominations. But the same day the rebels planned to come to attack our town and people were fleeing across the border into Cameroon. That day parents came with their children. I told them God could do great things through children.

The children worshiped God and something wonderful happened. God send rain that prevented the rebels to come into N’Djamena and they went back. God used the prayers of little ones as instruments to stop the rebels to come to N’Djamena. God can use children all over Africa because we are going through difficulty, through wars and poverty, but God hear the little ones’ cries, bring peace, and change into Africa.”

Gabriel Beinde

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