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Entering the world
of a child

Course description

Children had a special place in the heart of Jesus. How did He enter their world and built relationships with them?
Through this course, you can:

Discover how Jesus entered the world of children:

His attitudes, the skills He used, how children responded to Him
Practise the attitudes and skills of Jesus – make them your own
Apply the attitudes and skills of Jesus in the community – where children and adults are living, working, and playing in the streets

Course process

To enter the world of children, you have to learn to speak their language –play and storytelling. With that, an attitude of humility, love, and great respect for children and their parents will help you gain their trust. Practise these attitudes and grow in your understanding of Jesus. Each training day consists of demonstrations, discussions and practice, after which you go into the community to apply all you have learnt. You also learn from the community, because you learn from experience.

Duration of the course

This course can be presented as a weekend, 5-day or 10-day training. Each training is designed to meet the needs of the participants, using a selection of the available subjects.

Subjects of the course

Understanding God’s heart for children:
Matthew 18

Building relationships through:

Respecting children
Joining children in their world
Connecting with them at their level
Playing yourself into a child’s heart
Listen and respond when children talk
Care and Share activities

Mentor in spiritual growth

Creative Bible reading
Designing a program


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What participants say about the course

“I can not but help my own children to have better relationships with God. I now look at Bible stories in a different way.”
“There used to always be a big gap between us and the people that we trained. One of the biggest contributions was that Petra Institute has helped to bridge that gap because the training is relational.  This type of training had a tremendous impact on people’s lives – feedback from people who attended, was that the training transformed lives more than ever before. This aspect gives us a sharp uniqueness – we observe that, because we work with churches and being relational, it creates a space for God’s Spirit to work. We have seen people that accepted Christ during these trainings, re-dedicate their lives and people making a new commitment during the training, which was not the case before.”

Testimony of a Ghanaian mentor who trains leaders in Children’s Ministry

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