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Partnering together
for the sake of the children 

How can we take hands with your church or organisation?

  • Petra Institute assist your organisation|church to understand God’s heart for children
  • We listen to your unique needs
  • We work out a strategy that fits your vision
  • A key element in the strategy is to train a core group of leaders to do relational children’s ministry in their own context
  • From this group of leaders, a group is identified that are trained to train trainers
  • Over the years, Petra Institute developed active partnerships in 29 countries, with equipped trainers in 40 countries and trained children’s workers in more than 60 countries

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What participants say about the workshop

“We thank the Lord who through His long plan made us to know each other. We are gettng so many benefits by working with Petra Institute. We pray that this relationship will continue to grow. Allow me to say that children’s ministry remain to be the hope of our church. We believe that by working with children, we are building a strong church and establishing His kingdom here on the earth. If we neglect the children in our programs, we are actually undermining the church. So I ask you to help us in this big task of preparing these young men to be strong believers in the future.”

Archbishop Silas Kezakubi, Africa Inland Church Tanzania

Does our ministry / organisation  qualify for partnership?

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