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Entering the world of families

Course description

Children are part of a family, no matter how the family is composed – a single parent and siblings, grandmother and grandfather, sometimes only siblings. Working with children apart from their families, is often not enough. Parents should be involved in the faith formation of the children but often do not know how. The focus of this course is to equip families to grow together in their faith. Often children are part of these courses and it is very fulfilling to see families grow and reconnect. The selection of subjects come from the same list as that of “Entering the world of children” and “Help children grow spiritually” courses, but now presented in a family context. This course is practical and fun and the aim is for families to reconnect and to grow together towards a better relationship with each other and with God.

What participants  say about the course

“My son is very quiet. In the past, I never asked him how his day was. Now I know HOW!”

“You really encourage us as families!”

“Yes, we would like to support the parents from the congregation and put these tools in their hands, in order to make the families stronger. Then our congregations will be so much stronger and in the end we will empower our communities and our communities will be so much healthier. I would really recommend it to any minister and any congregation to attend and support these courses.”