Intergenerational Ministry


These workshops are designed to equip pastors and leaders to discuss, design and practice theologically sound ways to include children with adults in all aspects of the church community’s worship, service and life.

Course Info


  • Group discussions
  • Reflection on case studies
  • Research and literature
  • Demonstrations and roleplay
  • Intergenerational experiences



1 to 4 Days


 Course Content

We introduce participants to

  • Biblical perspectives on intergenerational ministry
  • Understanding how intergenerational relationships foster children’s spirituality
  • Recent research and case studies dealing with intergenerational ministry
  • (Re-)design key aspects of the church community’s worship, service, and life


Course Objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Reflect on key Biblical texts referring to children, families, and community
  • Reflect on being and doing church in the local community in terms of hospitality
  • Reflect on recent research and case studies dealing with child-inclusive or intergenerational church ministry
  • Critically evaluate current practices in the local church concerning children and adults
  • (Re)design key aspects of the church community’s worship, service and life in terms of the above reflections
  • Practice skills relating to some of the key aspects mentioned above
  • Formulate a strategy and plans to transform the local church into a church where children and adults are welcome


Offered in

We have partners all over the world. Training is done wherever our partners are. Please contact us for further information.


Application Requirements

Applicants must be involved in ministering/leading/managing the different ministries of the church.

Course Testimonial

“There are many small changes to be made to systematically apply this approach in the church, for example, to equip older children to become role models for the younger children. In due course, these changes can be made increasingly to create more opportunities for children and adults to apply their faith together.”

Feedback from ministers who attended the course.



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