Before the lockdown, we had several training projects:

Walking with Wounded Children Course, White River.

The group of students who attended the Walking with Wounded Children course

The group of students who attended the Walking with Wounded Children course

31 Strong and experienced leaders from 12 countries (South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Holland, Czech Republic, Singapore, USA and Colombia), attended the course, some of whom have already done several of our other courses. Pastor Jonathan Kofie of the Church of Pentecost (COP), Ghana, shares what the training means to him:

Jonothan Kofie

Jonathan Kofie

“The courses of Petra Institute have changed and broadened my understanding of the Kingdom of God regarding children, and it helps our work in Ghana. We offer Entering the World of Children courses as training for our programs. In 2018, we were able to train 1,100 children ministry workers and in 2019, 1,300. We see that this is changing the face of children’s ministry in the COP. As a result, many more outsiders attend our services because not only are the children welcome in the church and treated with respect and love, but because we have become a healing community through these relationships. Petra Institute has changed us as individuals, but also the church and the community.

The skills you learn at Petra Institute are not just for kids; you can use it in your own life, your marriage, in relationships with outsiders, and in your ministry, because you build relationships with children in the same way as with adults. Everyone needs a trusting relationship, and the skills you learn can be used to create that. You are equipped to equip others, no matter where you are because through the training of Petra Institute, you become the instrument yourself. After all, it is already in your heart, in your hands and in your head.

But that is what Petra Institute is doing – building relationships with children, and thus becoming a healing community for others.”



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