Walking With Wounded Children Course 2016

Equipping others in Walking with Wounded Children (WWWC) course 2016


Date:                      29th May – 17th June 2016

Place:                     Petra Institute, De Doorns, Western Cape province

Course fee:             R7200


Course Description

This course is designed to equip:

1.  Others in the 5-day Walking with Wounded Children course.

2.  Trainees to share this knowledge with other adults. 



At the end of the training, the participants will be able to help their trainees to:


  1. Testify of growth and healing in their own personal/spiritual lives;
  2. Give a biblical basis for healing, particularly in terms of the concept “shalom” – peace;
  3. Explain the effects of traumatic experiences on children. Attention is given to
       post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attachment disorders and physical, behavioural
       and emotional indications of sexual abuse, amongst others;
  4. Differentiate emotionally wounded children from other children;
  5. Apply practical ways to assess emotionally wounded children on a basic level;
  6. Explain the basic principles of the so-called “stop sign model” for helping severely traumatised
  7. Apply the principles of a therapeutic or healing relationship;
  8. Differentiate between helpful and unhelpful counselling responses;
  9. Apply the basic skills of empathic listening and “feeling” responses;
  10. Help develop a child’s understanding of emotions and the meaning thereof;
  11. Apply the principle of “listening” to the non-verbal communication of children through play o
  12. Apply basic therapeutic tools in helping children, such as play therapy and storytelling;
  13. Apply the principles of Christian “community/fellowship” in the healing process;
  14. Bring the child into a healing relationship with God through the sensitive use of scripture, prayer
         and words of wisdom;


At the end of the training this new facilitator of the WWWC course will be able to:

  • Understand and facilitate a 5-day process of adult learning
  • Determine and interpret learning needs of a specific group of adult learners
  • Facilitate a process of learning by doing
  • Compile and present a 5-day training program for a specific need
  • Assess the learner and the learning process



Lecture-discussion, individual and group study, demonstration, role-play and learning by doing. Participants will have the opportunity to present a training of 5 days with mentors guiding them.


Application requirements

Applicants must be confessing Christians who are currently involved in children's ministry with a specific focus on traumatised children. Applicants must be fluent in English. No previous psychological/counselling training is required (even though an advantage), but previous attendance of our 10-day WWWC course is a requirement.


Applicants must have practised the skills required during the WWWC course with at least 5 children. Written reports on such meetings with the children, is a benefit.


The venue

This course will be conducted at Petra Institute for Children’s Ministry, De Doorns, Western Cape, South Africa. It is situated in the picturesque De Doorns Valley about 120km from Cape Town.


The course fee

The fee of R7 200.00 includes the training, training material, accommodation, all meals and training-related transport. As soon as you are informed that your application was successful, a R720.00 deposit (10% of the course fee), is payable to secure your place in this course. The outstanding amount of R6 480.00 is payable at the start of the course.


Closing date for applications

Completed application form, must reach us by 31st March 2016 to ensure your place.


Registration & Course details:

Contact Taleta Coetsee (Course Coordinator) at:


Private Bag X 9906, White River 1240, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: (+27 +13) 751-1166/7 X 266
Fax: (+27 +13) 750-0906
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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