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Petra is known for training in Children’s ministry for the past 23 years. We believe in partnering, and work with partners in across Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe & the Far East where we offer our expertise of consulting and training in children’s ministry. People in over 65 countries have been equipped through our direct partnerships and as results of tutors flowing from it. Our strategy includes the building of capacity of leaders in children’s ministry

Capacity refers to the ability of a person, group or organization to perform a certain task. Capacity includes skills, knowledge, motivation, resources, structure, strategy, etc. Petra Institute is committed to help build capacity, which means providing an environment, processes and tools through which the partner’s ability to perform can be increased.

How do we build capacity?

  • Partnering with churches, NGO’s, ministries, NPO’s, tertiary institutions and more. View partnership stories
  • Assisting partner in developing a strategy for building his capacity in children’s ministry.
  • Strategy might include:

- Advocacy workshops
- Vision casting
- Strategic planning
- Monitoring
- Evaluation
- Children’s ministry training and more according to partners need.
- Actively implementing the above according to partner’s readiness and need.

Do I qualify for a partnership?

Courses and other services

1. Children’s Ministry Foundations Course (CMF) – contact training

Petra’s training is outcome-based, compiled and designed according to the needs of the participants in addressed in 3 consecutive trainings by selecting subjects from the following 3 focus areas.

  • BUILDING relationships with children
  • GUIDING children into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Guiding children in SPIRITUAL GROWTH

2. Relational Childrens’ Ministry Online/Distance Training (RCM)

Relational Children’s Ministry 1 – 1 year course
Relational Children’s Ministry 2 – 1 year course building upon 1st year.

3. Walking With Wounded Children (contact training)

Children’s Ministry Foundations 1or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course – Assisting traumatized children through healing relationships, active listening skills and applying lay counselor tools for play therapy.

4. Tutor Training

Building capacity in facilitation- and assessment skills, process development and more through experiential learning with the following focuses:

  • Foundational Children’s Ministry
  • Walking with Wounded Children

5. Mentorship Training

After the successful completion of the above mentioned courses in a partnership, a new door of opportunities open up. One can be trained to equip other adults for children’s ministry through these courses.
Mentorship training consists of 2 main components which can be presented separately, or one after the other:
- Tutor training
- Management

6. Advocacy Workshops

7. Mobilizing church leaders for child centered ministry

8. Tertiary Institutes: Developing child centered curriculums

The assisting of Theological institutions, Social Services and Community Development organizations to develop curriculums in children’s ministry.
For more information contact Johan Muller @ (013)751 1166 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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