Stage 1:

  • Target key role players that could potentially have a significant impact on the vision for lost and broken children in a specific area of need;
  • Identify the leaders with the influence to shift the paradigm of the organisation, and make them aware through advocacy of the importance of children, the need, and God’s desire for them;
  • The organisation will be assisted to make a critical assessment/evaluation of their vision, commitment and capacity to do or bring about the finding, restoration and involvement of lost and broken children;
  • And this could lead to a request for building their capacity in these areas.

Stage 2:

  • A strategic ministry partnership will be formed, appropriate to the situation and culture of the organisation;
  • We together decide on the most effective way to build the capacity, and this is described in a training plan and a plan to build the organisational capacity of the partner;
  • And we implement these plans through:
  • An Equipping and a Mobilisation phase to build the children’s ministry capacity,
  • Specific inputs to build the organisational capacity.

The organisation:

  • Impacts healing Christian families who in turn will impact on lost and broken children
  • Impacts healing Christian communities who in turn will impact on lost and broken children
  • Impacts lost and broken children

Children impacted by the organisation:

  • In turn impacts on other lost and broken children
  • Impacts on their families and so the community

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